The Artifake Series : Museum Quality 
Deluxe Special Edition...

Museum Quality 100% All Hand Crafted

Weatherbeaten and Distressed solid wood traveling carrying case
with genuine leather handle & trimming
Olive Wood Rosary Beads from Jerusalem
Chinese Bite Ointment
Bottle of Purifying Holy Water from the Jordan River Israel
with optional cork or glass bottle stoppers
Glass Mirror with wood frame
1x glass bottle of Hydrofluoric Acid
1x glass bottle of Chloroform Liniment
1x glass bottle of Hamalogen : Blood Tonic
1x glass bottle of Black Leaf Poison
1x glass jar of Garlic Power
1x Custom turned on Wood Lathe Solid Wooden Mallet
1x Large hand to hand combat battle Custom turned on
Wood Lathe Solid Wooden stake approximately 14" long
2x Large size Custom turned on Wood Lathe Solid Wooden
Stakes approximately 12" long
2x Medium size Custom turned on Wood Lathe Solid Wooden Stakes
approximately 10" long
2x Small size Custom turned on Wood Lathe Solid Wooden Stakes
approximately 7" long
2x Solid Rusty corroded Metal Impaling Spikes
approximately 6" long
4x Solid Wood Entrance Blocker Crucifix
1x Cross Worry Stone
1x Cloth rag
1x Rope

Carring Case Size : 16" x 6" x 10.5"
Total weight: Approximately 12 LBS

Proud To Say Made In USA

This high quality limited edition Vampire Hunter Killing Kit
represents many hours of design,
modeling, casting, and refining of it's fabrication.
Since they are all hand crafted, no two item are exactly alike !!
Proper care will contribute to a long life and many years of enjoyment.

Vampire Hunter Killing Kit : Museum Quality ZTC-AF01 (Discontinued) ZomBee Toy Company

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